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{What we do}

As we enter a potentially new era in human development, our vision is to improve and streamline the the way that companies come together and form relationships. Digitalisation is the buzzword across all industries at the moment – but is often misunderstood as a catch all term. Our aim is to help companies increase efficiency and reduce cost by being an outsourced business development team that works for you.


There are many lead generation services available – but here at {SD:UK} we take the time to learn about your business from the ground up. We analyse your processes through our vetting service, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and work with you on areas where we believe you can increase your success. By doing this, we ensure that all companies that use {SD:UK} are qualified and vetted by our in-house experts. Furthermore, it allows us to connect you with customers that are in need of your exact services.


There are many websites where you can place a project and get matched with software supplier. The key to our service is a dedicated personal approach where we get to understand your parameters and work with you to find a suitable IT partner. We have solutions ranging from our entry level B2B Connect, to a fully managed option (CTO as a service). We pride ourselves on providing outstanding value to all of our clients – from small companies looking for basic web development to multinationals looking for a comprehensive enterprise solution.

{Team experience}

The team behind SD:UK is made up software development specialist and sales and marketing professionals with decades of experience across multiple industries. As we head at a fast pace into the digital world, our belief is that we must not forget the personal touch. We believe in long lasting personal relationships with our clients, and we will constantly innovate to offer you value for the money that you spend with us.

Paul Seed

Chief Executive Officer

An entrepreneur with a proven leadership track record, able to quickly identify opportunities that drive revenue and increase organisational efficiency.


Spencer Pickett

Chief Technical Officer

Spencer has over 25 years of experience as a technical director, delivering IT projects for SME to blue-chip sized businesses.  He combines technical and business acumen to make products that people love and use frequently.


Carey Cooper (PhD)

Chief Infomation Security Officer

Over 20 years of experience in software development, architectural design and cyber security implementations across a broad range of industries, he is serving and business-driven with a strong emphasis on solution delivery.


Phred Steer

Chief Sales Officer

A leader with over 30 years of demonstrated sales experience, developing sales teams and possessing the ability to quickly identify opportunities and outstanding people. Sectors include technology start-ups, leading suppliers of software, emergency services and tier-one telecoms providers.


Jean-Marc Troit

Digital Transformation Director

Jean-Marc is a business-led, passionate and forward-thinking technology and innovation leader with over 25 years’ international experience in management for start-ups, fast-growing businesses and multinationals. An accomplished communicator, enabler and service orientated hands-on high achiever.


Chris Richards

Marketing Director

Chris has over 12 years of experience in sales, marketing and entrepreneurship. Founder of a Not-for-Profit organisation helping 250,000 people, to more recently using his marketing skills to help businesses grow their organic presence online using scientifically proven SEO methodologies.


Andy Black

Head of Digital Marketing

Over 15 years IT experience supporting mission-critical enterprise systems and a further 11 years’ digital marketing experience advising and generating leads & sales for SME and blue-chip businesses.


Riccardo Cornetta

Head of Design

Over 15 years of experience as a creative designer across many industries. With an eye for detail, a unique style and the ability to adapt to a client’s ambitions. Providing a solid foundation for client projects to grow and succeed.


{Find The Perfect Partner}

Let us help you find the perfect partner for your project.

Reduce risk, save money and deliver faster using our software outsourcing matching service.

{Our Approach}

Put simply, we bring people together and build relationships. SD:UK is a platform, at its basic level, to bring buyers and sellers together. But our “raison d’etre” is to address a clear challenge in our industry. We identify, vet and qualify outstanding vendors and match them with our database of qualified project leads. When working with our lead base – we advise, research, document specific requirements and offer a tiered service tailored to each client. The vendor selection process for an important project can be daunting. Our experienced team are here to help and will take an unbiased view to match a project with a supplier. Each project is taken on its merit, and we are invested in making sure we find the perfect match. After all – if the project is fulfilled successfully, our reputation is enhanced and we all grow stronger. Together.

We provide MORE service. MORE business. INCREASED revenue and REDUCED RISK to every customer.

We provide MORE service. MORE business. INCREASED revenue and REDUCED RISK to every customer.

Our service is unique in terms of the lengths that we go to facilitate business between our customers. Our team is dedicated to providing outstanding value, ROI and a personal service

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