• Orangery Office Builder (2021-2023): Lead Developer for an advanced office design and visualisation tool, streamlining the construction industry’s approach to space planning.
  • AMGround (2021-2022): Key Architect behind a comprehensive 3D virtual metaverse, forging new standards in digital interactivity.
  • rooom.com (2019-2020): Lead 3D Developer of a state-of-the-art virtual metaverse platform, innovating the realm of virtual engagement.
  • Expo 2.5 kb.me: Directed a digital platform for interactive exhibitions, integrating 3D technologies for enhanced visitor experiences.
  • Exhibition.coffework.com: Executed a targeted, high-impact 3D exhibition event, demonstrating swift and efficient project turnaround.
  • Decoreto Space Planner (2017-2019): Drove the development of a cutting-edge retail space planning tool, revolutionising consumer interaction in home design.

Rahman Nasimi Asl

Principal 3D Systems Analyst & Developer

Nasimi is a pre-eminent authority in computer-aided design and digital visualisation. His profound expertise in advancing 2D/3D modelling, virtual reality, and simulation is unparalleled. As an eminent software architect, Nasimi marries rigorous technical knowledge with strategic creative insight, placing him at the forefront of innovation in software design and implementation.

Nasimi's role in the development of BabylonJS is a testament to his stature as a principal figure within the technology sector, earning him widespread recognition in online gaming, visualisation, and open-source communities. His leadership in orchestrating complex digital projects, including the Orangery Office Builder and trailblazing virtual metaverse platforms such as AMGround and rooom.com, demonstrates his exceptional capacity to guide sophisticated initiatives from conception to completion.

Moreover, Nasimi has directed key projects like the interactive virtual exhibitions at Expo 2.5 kb.me and Exhibition.coffework.com, evidencing his agility and meticulousness in the delivery of high-impact, short-term projects.

In retail, his stewardship of the Decoreto space planner tool from 2017 to 2019 exemplified his innovative approach to interactive design and user engagement.

Currently, Nasimi stands as the lead technologist in developing next-generation CAD-oriented platforms, deftly incorporating artificial intelligence to forge new frontiers in design technology. His body of work not only exemplifies his skill and commitment to excellence but also solidifies his status as a fundamental pillar of our team. Nasimi's genius lies in his ability to render complex technical enviroments into accessible, user-driven experiences, ensuring that our offerings not only meet but advance industry standards, propelling the evolution of the digital design domain.