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Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to take your existing software to the next level, {SD:UK} is here to help. Our team of in-house specialists are ready and waiting to bring their expertise to the table, creating a bespoke solution that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.


We are passionate about helping customers build innovative digital products, such as; MVP development, rapid prototyping, project hand-over, firefighting response and support & maintenance.

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At {SD:UK}, we take pride in helping businesses of all sizes turn their software development aspirations into reality. With a wealth of experience across multiple industries, our team of experts is committed to delivering high-quality, cost-effective, and timely solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

Our comprehensive range of services includes MVP development, rapid prototyping, project hand-over, firefighting response, and support & maintenance, all designed to help you achieve your software development goals while reducing risk and maximising value. Our in-house IT specialists are skilled at capturing your business vision and transforming it into actionable requirements ready for implementation.

Partner with {SD:UK} today and let us help you take your software development projects to the next level. Submit your brief online or give us a call at 0845 544 4055 to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists and start your journey to success.


At {SD:UK}, we understand the technical challenges associated with the software development process and our services are designed to help companies navigate them with confidence. Our in-house IT specialists are experts in capturing the business vision and converting it into actionable requirements ready for implementation. With our extensive industry experience, we can provide highly-efficient teams to undertake projects cost-effectively, delivering bespoke software solutions (web, mobile and desktop) that meet your specific business needs. Whether you need support with project scoping, vendor selection, project management or implementation, {SD:UK} can provide tailored solutions to address your unique requirements. Trust us to be your perfect software development partner and bring your business vision to life.

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Let us help you capture the system requirements to deliver your business vision.

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Expert Software Development, Delivered by SD:UK

We work closely with our clients to capture their project requirements and then collaborate with our IT technology partners to implement the solution. We offer three services to help customers progress their project:

Please select the level of support you require


At Software Development UK, we understand that starting a new software development project can be daunting, especially if you are new to the process. That’s why we offer a free software development consultation service to help you understand the options available to you and guide you through the process of building your project.

During the consultation, we will assign you an experienced software development consultant who will work closely with you to understand your business needs and goals. Our consultant will ask you questions about your project, including your requirements, budget, timeline, and any other relevant factors. They will then provide you with expert guidance on the best way to proceed with your project, including advice on which technologies to use, development methodologies, and project management approaches.

To take advantage of our free software development consultation service, simply contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our expert consultants. We look forward to helping you bring your project to life!

Trust {SD:UK} to provide

  • Expert advice from experienced software development consultants who have worked on a variety of projects across different industries.
  • A clear understanding of the options available to you and the benefits and drawbacks of each approach.
  • Guidance on how to manage your project effectively to ensure it is completed on time and within budget.
  • An opportunity to explore different technologies and development methodologies to find the best fit for your business.
  • Increased confidence in your project and a better understanding of how to make it a success.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your software development needs and see how {SD:UK} can help bring your business vision to life.

MVP Launchpad

At Software Development UK, our MVP software development service starts with a thorough understanding of our clients’ vision. We assign an experienced business analyst to work closely with the client and capture their ideas and requirements. The business analyst collaborates with the client to identify the key features, functionalities, and overall goals for the MVP.

Once the requirements are defined, our team of expert developers and designers will start building the MVP. We work rapidly to develop a working prototype that demonstrates the concept and meets the client’s specific requirements. Our developers use agile methodologies to ensure that the MVP is developed efficiently and effectively, allowing for quick feedback and iterations.

Once the MVP is completed, we provide full documentation, training, and support to ensure that the client can take the product forward. Our MVP development process is designed to deliver a high-quality solution that meets the client’s needs, while also providing the flexibility to iterate and refine the product as needed.


  • Receive expert guidance & support from {SD:UK}
  • Formally capture the business vision and system requirements
  • Rapid implementation of your MVP
  • Minimises risk and investment by validating concepts before full development
  • Speeds up time to market through rapid prototyping and iteration
  • Saves resources by identifying and addressing potential issues early in the development cycle
  • Provides a clear understanding of the user needs and behaviors to deliver a user-focused product
  • Enables clients to make informed decisions based on real-world data and user feedback

Fully Managed

Looking for a comprehensive, fully managed software development service? Look no further than {SD:UK}. Our CTO as a Service solution offers end-to-end project management, from scoping and architecture design to development oversight and product delivery.

We start by reviewing your project requirements and assembling the optimal team, whether it’s comprised of our in-house experts, our trusted partners, or a hybrid of both. With our team acting as your product owner, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

Don’t let the complexities of software development overwhelm you. Let us handle it all, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business. Contact us today to learn more about our CTO as a Service offering.


  • Receive expert guidance & support from {SD:UK} technical lead.
  • Formally capture the business vision, system requirements.
  • Create an efficient team to deliver the solution.
  • Manage the implementation of the project to ensure success.
  • The ability to scale your team as needed.
  • Expert guidance and support throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Streamlined communication and project management, ensuring that you always know the status of your project.
  • A quality solution that meets your specific business needs, delivered on time and within budget.

Why use SD:UK For Your Outsourcing Needs?

At {SD:UK}, we understand that outsourcing your software development projects can be a daunting task, which is why we have designed our services to minimise risk, reduce costs, and expedite the process of building high-quality, well-architected software. Here are three reasons why you should consider using {SD:UK} for your next software development project:


With {SD:UK}’s IT expertise on your side, you can trust that your software development projects are in the hands of experienced professionals who understand the importance of creating a scalable and maintainable architecture. Our team has a deep understanding of what it takes to create software solutions that meet the demands of modern businesses, and we pride ourselves on being able to help our clients navigate complex technical challenges to deliver results that exceed their expectations.


We have a deep and wide-ranging network of IT support partners that we’ve been working with for over 15 years. This network enables us to quickly and efficiently pull in the necessary expertise and technologies required to build highly tailored, cost-effective solutions for our clients. With this network at our disposal, we are able to move quickly and effectively to solve any problem, no matter how complex. Our focus on building strong, long-term partnerships with our suppliers means that we have access to the latest technology and techniques, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of the industry and deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.


We take great pride in our ability to manage software development projects from start to finish. We provide an experienced software development team that is complemented by highly skilled project management professionals who work together to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget. Our project management process is designed to provide transparency, clear communication, and collaboration at every stage, from planning to implementation. We use the latest project management tools and techniques to keep our clients up to date with the progress of their projects, ensuring that everyone is aligned and working towards the same goal.

The table below summarises the business benefits of the {SD:UK} outsourcing services:

{SD:UK} OutsourcingTypical Outsourcing ProcessTypical Recruitment Process
Time to build a team0 ~ 2 weeks3 ~ 8 weeks1 ~ 4 months
Recruitment Costs£0£1,000 ~ £5,000£10,000 ~ 30,000k (per resource)
QualityHighMed ~ HighLow ~ High
Failure RateVery LowLowModerate ~ High
Pre-screened Candidates
Termination CostsNoneLow or NoneHigh

outsourcing categories

At {SD:UK}, we are committed to delivering successful software development projects that exceed our clients’ expectations. Our team of experienced software development professionals have a proven track record in delivering tailored solutions across the following domains:

Please select a service . . .

{Software Development Services}

Professional services to help you build your product cost effectively.

  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • IoT Development
  • Blockchain Technology
  • eCommerce Development


Web marketing services to help you boost website traffic and generate sales.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Amazon Marketing

{Business Development Services}

Professional services to help you build your business.

  • Business Coaching / Planning
  • Investment
  • Business Branding
  • Product Development
  • Content Writing
  • Go-To-Market Planning
  • Sales Outsourcing

Top Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Your Next Project

Project outsourcing refers to the process whereby a company entrusts an external vendor to perform activities that contribute towards a business goal. {SD:UK} focuses on the software outsourcing domain, which deals with fulfilling technology services such as; software/web development, graphics design, SEO, etc.

There are many benefits to outsourcing software development activities, ranging from cost saving to speed to market. This section outlines several of the benefits explaining why you should consider outsourcing:

Save Time & Money:

The alternative to outsourcing is to hire full-time employees. This approach is not feasible for businesses that are unable to afford the recruitment and ongoing costs associated with retaining a full-time employee (e.g. finder fee, salary, pension, benefits, equipment, office, taxes, etc). It makes little business sense to recruit new team members for short to mid-term projects.

Outsourcing offers businesses the ability to find highly skilled developers for executing particular tasks (meaning they can be completed quickly and to a very high standard). The outsourcing vendor is responsible for all costs relating to the employment and the equipping of their staff, which equates to a considerable cost saving for businesses.

Access to Global Subject Matter Experts:

A typical software development team will comprise of; architects, developers, testers, project managers, designers, digital marketers, etc. Certain roles within a project are critical and it can be imperative to have a proven subject matter expert lead the team to navigate potential pitfalls. Sourcing candidates locally is not always possible and does not always yield the best results.

Fortunately many outsourced tasks can be undertaken remotely, either in the UK or anywhere in the world! Effectively this gives businesses access to a large pool of qualified software providers, who have a proven track record in their respective domain of expertise.

Speed to market:

The recruitment process (for hiring a software/web developer) takes on average 35 days – and potentially longer to fully integrate them into the team. This is not ideal for businesses needing to act fast to meet business deadlines.

Software outsourcing means faster time to market because businesses can dictate the timelines that align with their schedule. It is the task of the software vendor to address this challenge and ensure they can deliver to the specified schedule on time and on budget.

Peak loads:

Frequently businesses need the ability to rapidly scale-up their IT team to allow them to take advantage of an emerging opportunity. The quickest and most cost effective way to build a highly qualified team is to utilise IT outsourcing. This approach means businesses are able to quickly get the key skills needed to complete tasks efficiently, but avoid the significant costs associated with recruitment and on-boarding. When the project is completed the team can scale down gracefully, reducing operational costs.

Risk Mitigation:

When a business utilises an outsourcing partner from the {SD:UK} professional services network, they instantly inherit the many years of experience, business best practices and their experience in delivering projects. Outsourcing companies can fill essential skill gaps and ultimately do the job better with their knowledge and understanding of the domain. Utilising qualified professionals significantly reduces project risks and has the added benefit of increased productivity and efficiency.

How SD:UK’s Outsourcing Services Can Accelerate Your Project Success

{1} Tell us what kind of help you need?

What is the project? What are the timescales? What is your budget?

Submit a project request to let us know what you need. The more information you can provide about your project the better. Upon submitting your request the project is assigned to an {SD:UK} expert who proceeds to review your requirements. You will then receive a call in order to answer any questions to ensure the project scope and objects are fully understood.

{2} We’ll provide a detailed proposal.

We’ll create a comprehensive proposal outlining the project scope, timeline, and budget.

Once we have a clear understanding of your project goals and objectives, we will provide you with a proposal outlining the estimated cost, timeline, and deliverables for your project. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the proposed plan meets your needs and aligns with your business goals. We pride ourselves on transparency, so we will be open and honest throughout the proposal process, making sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

{3} You give us the green light.

Once you’ve reviewed and approved our proposal, we’ll get to work.

After we have presented our proposal, you will have an opportunity to review it and ask any questions that you may have. Once any queries have been clarified, and you are happy with our proposal, you can proceed to authorise the project. At this point, we will sign an agreement and begin the work. Throughout the project, we maintain clear communication and provide regular updates to ensure that we are delivering on time and within budget.

{4} We’ll keep you in the loop.

We provide regular updates throughout the project, ensuring you always know how the project is progressing.

We provide regular progress updates and work closely with our clients to ensure that the development effort aligns with their business goals and objectives. Our team is committed to maintaining a high level of transparency and communication, enabling our clients to make informed decisions and remain in full control throughout the entire development process. With {SD:UK}, you can rest assured that your project is in the best possible hands.

Need Expert Guidance?

We provide fully managed end-to-end solutions for start-ups and companies needing expert guidance.

Take advantage of our unique {SD:UK} CTO as a Service solution. Our experts help you to formally capture requirements, create a system specification, find the perfect partner and then fully manage the implementation of your project.




  • Financial Services & Bankings
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Travel & Transport
  • Real Estate
  • Advertising
  • Logistics
  • Telecommunications


  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Cloud Adoption
  • AR/VR
  • Cybersecurity
  • Location Technology
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Voice Recognition


  • Cloud Services & Deployment
  • MVP Development
  • UX/UI
  • Software Testing & QA
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Product Management
  • Blockchain Development
  • ML/AI
  • DevOps

Tips for ensuring the success of your
software outsourcing project

The process of running a software development project can be a daunting experience. This section provides a selection of tips to help teams adopt best practices for establishing processes and enhancing team productivity.

Which productivity tools Shoud software development teams Consider?

The world of software development technology is constantly evolving and ever-changing. There are too many to list them all, so below is a shortlist of the top productivity tools that truly make the design and development process far easier:

• GitHub
• Gitlab
• Stack Overflow
• Docker
• Jira
• Jenkins
• Slack
• The Code Project

Although these may not be all the productivity tools out there (as there are new applications and software constantly emerging), the above list should indicate some of the best productivity tools to consider.

How can I improve team performance?

There are several ways to improve team performance. One of the most effective and cost-saving ways is to outsource gaps in knowledge or expertise to a professional IT supplier who understands what they are doing. Other tips to boost team performance include:

• Allocate team member’s ownership and control over each stage in the development process.
• Understand the specific strengths and weaknesses of team members and use them accordingly.
• Use team-building exercises to establish a strong team dynamic and relationship.
• Establish set expectations for communication.
• Utilise project management software to keep things organised.
• Create a positive work environment in which employees have incentives to work their best.

Where can I find excellent resources for online training and personal improvement?

The internet is an invaluable tool when it comes to training and personal improvement. Udemy is, by far, one of the most content-rich and valuable resources for online training. Alongside Udemy, several other websites can be of great value to companies, these include:

• Masterclass
• Skillshare

Each of these online resources is a potential treasure-trove of valuable information for training and development purposes.

What Are The Benefits Of automated testing?

Reviewing and testing code is one of the most critical stages in the software development process. Although developers can work wonders, they are only human, and hours of looking through code can result in a loss of concentration, causing them to make mistakes.

For these reasons, it is advised that businesses run additional automated testing on any piece of software before they launch it. Alongside spotting mistakes, there are multiple other benefits of automated testing:

• Automatically test new features and ensure existing functionality is not broken.

• Run tests at a faster and more efficient speed.

• Free up personnel from lengthy testing – allowing them to focus their attention elsewhere.

How can I measure code quality?

If making simple fixes to your code takes a software developer a great deal of time, there is a good chance there are code quality issues.

Another indicator that your code may need more work is if a new developer struggles to read the code and it requires considerable effort to bring them up to speed.

There are a few easy steps your development team can take to measure code quality:

  1. Firstly, identify the stage in the software development that the defect originates.
  2. Next, open all of the multiple defect code reports.
  3. Finally, begin identifying and correcting all of the defects within each report.

How can I improve code quality?

The best way to improve code quality for a software development project is to introduce experienced software developers to conduct code reviews to access the system architecture and overall quality.

If you do not have an experienced coder, it could lead to significant disruptions in your application development, typically resulting in code rewriting (refactoring).

It is more efficient if software development team have at least one technical lead who can do the following:

  1. Understands coding standards, design patterns and design principles.
  2. Analyses produced code to ensure industry accepted design patterns have been adopted.
  3. Understands and adheres to code-review best practices and enforces them in the team.

How can I formally capture system requirements?

A company’s system requirements form the foundations of any IT project. Businesses can capture system requirements through utilising the following initiatives:
Interviews – always start the process by discussing the project with all project stakeholders involved.
Focus groups – extend interviews to focus groups consisting of end users (or the general public).
Brainstorming – a group-thinking activity designed to generate new ideas and approaches.

The approach(es) that your team adopt will depend on the type and size of your project. The SD:UK “MVP Launchpad” service helps businesses with this process.

How can I guard against scope creep?

‘Scope creep’ is the name given when software projects naturally drift outside of their defined parameters as the project develops. Avoiding scope creep can increase the likelihood of completing a project within the established time parameters and budget.

There are several steps you can take to protect the your project:

• Remain vigilant – If management answer every decision with a straightforward ‘yes’ or ‘no’, there is little risk of ambiguity or confusion resulting in scope creep.

• Don’t lose sight of the vision – Part of the reason that scope creep develops is that different teams lose sight of the bigger picture. Ensuring that everyone understands primary business objectives.

• Use online project management software that keeps all aspects of product and software development in one place can be a great way of avoiding shifting off course.

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Software Outsourcing Frequently Asked Questions

As each business takes a different approach to software development and product testing, there is no set-rule to whether outsourcing is the best approach.

However, if businesses lack a technical understanding of particular areas or software development processes, they may consider outsourcing tasks in this specific domain.

Outsourcing tasks that your in-house team cannot easily manage themselves is often the best way to speed up the software development process, and keep projects within budget and time-scale (through reducing risk).

Engaging with a highly experienced team of developers (as promoted by SD:UK) to execute the software development life-cycle will ultimately create a better end product that surpasses stakeholder expectations.

The process of selecting an IT vendor always calls for an in-depth and extensive analysis of a business’ capabilities prior to selection. Typical questions you should consider asking an IT vendor include:

■ How many years of experience within the managed service business do you have?
■ What are your process and approach? (Do you take a proactive stance towards IT?)
■ How regularly do you communicate with the rest of the team?
■ How can you help with the development of the company’s life-cycle through the adoption of IT?

These conversations should hopefully open up discussions about the client’s broader and project-specific plans and services.  It should also give them a more precise idea of how an IT vendor can help the software development processes.

The SD:UK team simplifies the IT vendor selection process, because we pre-vet candidates by asking all relevant questions.

One of the best ways outsourcing can benefit a business is by massively reducing its’ operating costs. This is particularly true in periods of economic ‘slumps’ or decline.

By outsourcing specific duties, owners can find their labour costs lessen and their functionality and efficiency increase, as core team members can focus on what truly matters.

Outsourcing specific duties such as customer care or feedback management can significantly reduce your running cost, and therefore benefit your business in the long-term.

When outsourcing, it is important to have a detailed project specification listing your requirements. Management can find these requirements in a ‘feature specification document’ (FSD) which sets out all the relevant information about the businesses problems, needs, and expected results.

A detailed FSD document provides both the outsourced software development team with a straightforward guide of what project stakeholders want from their services.

Businesses should put as much detail as possible into their FSD documents for them to be successful. Part of the way that a company may set out their needs within a FSD document would be:

■ Defined the product vision, an overview of the solution to be developed.
■ Detail the “functional” requirements, explaining what the system should do.
■ Detail the “non-functional” requirements, covering system security, reliability, performance topics.

The above lists is far from comprehensive, however it does cover the main topics to be included to enable outsourced development teams to proceed with confidence.

NOTE: the FSD document (if following the widely adopted Agile software development methodology) should “not” cover all requirements. Instead the objective is to provide enough insight into the proposed project for an outsourcing company to understand the vision and begin implementing the solution.

SD:UK provide a business analysis to assist with the requirements gathering process (for more information see out “MVP Launchpad” service).

When building an in-house team of software developers and experts, finding the right staff for each job can be time-consuming as well as costly.

Finding a skilled developer that understands your unique business goals or objectives isn’t always easy. The best developers are those that understand your specific business goals and desired end-user experiences.

If a software developer is unsure about the deliverables of a project, or who it is for, it can lead to a stop-and-start process that can considerably delay the development process.

When you outsource to us here at SD:UK, we carry the burden of finding optimal IT vendors, vetting candidates and putting forward the best team for undertaking your project.

This frees our clients from the obligation of managing the software development activities and lets them focus on the bigger picture – allowing them to achieve their goals faster, and at reduced labour costs.

The most efficient and successful software and web applications are often designed and tested by specialist software providers, as promoted by SD:UK.

This is because we bring specialised skills and resources to the team to develop a company within a particular market area.

Rather than juggling multiple software development methods and approaches, outsourcing the software development process to highly efficient and expertly qualified teams can be a great time-saver and help fulfill your business requirements faster.

Although outsourcing may not be the only way of cost-saving, it is undoubtedly one of the most effective.

This is because businesses that outsource to professional software development experts, get a fully optimised, all-inclusive, and refined customer buying experience.

We provide tailored services around our clients’ specific goals and ambitions. We help connect you with highly qualified suppliers, who have the proven ability to deliver unique and recognisable software solutions that allow you to stand out from the crowd.

When you outsource your IT design and development requirements, you automatically free-up all your internal staff from all things IT.

This allows your internal team to focus entirely on product and software development, rather than deal with things outside their areas of expertise.

Another benefit of outsourcing IT work is that IT teams that we promote, all have access to the most current, updated systems and technologies.

Having the most recent software and technologies at your disposal and software engineers with the know-how to use them, will allow businesses to create a higher-quality end-product.

A fixed-price contract is when a customer pays in advance for the design, development, testing and project management of their project in one lum-sum.

This is a popular option for smaller plans and developments where the customer’s requirements are clear and defined.

Time and materials contracts, or Cost-Plus contracts, are when a project’s price is determined after it has is completed.

Cost-Plus contracts are typically used for software development projects whereby the owner is uncertain of the system requirements, because the project is evolving.

Most software development projects adopt the time and material approach, because the majority of projects are developed using the Agile methodology (which is an evolutionary design process).