Why is application security important?

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Application security describes security measures needed at the application level to prevent data or code from being stolen or compromised. It confines the security deliberations during the application development and design phase. However, it will also include systems and ensuring applications are secure once deployed.

Application security will often include software, hardware, procedures and the controls that identify and minimise possible security vulnerabilities. One can look at it this way, and a firewall may prevent bad actors from accessing your internal network, which can be perceived as a form of hardware application security. However, security measures can be applied at the application level, such as software firewalls that define what activities are allowed or restricted.


Software security procedures often include protocols such as the list below. Educate and train users through various programs.

  1. We facilitate the creation of Policies, procedures and guidelines.
  2. We ensure networks are siloed and segmented to the latest industry standards.
  3. We provide principles of least privilege, and separation of duties are applied.
  4. We assist in BCP, DRP and IRP creation and implementation.
  5. Automation of tasks, minimising the human element.
  6. Implement security methodologies such as SDLC into the development lifecycle.

We at SD:UK advise, develop, and support these methodologies to ensure our vendors and developers deliver secure applications and software solutions.