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{Data Protection is Paramount for Customer Confidence!}

{SD:UK} is actively working with Government, Industry and Certification Bodies to raise awareness of the importance of cyber security at all levels of business. Data protection and GDPR are a high priority for all forms of business and we provide a simple process to help you achieve your required level of accreditation.

There are three industry recognised levels of cyber security accreditation that {SD:UK} can assist with:

  • Cyber Essentials
  • Cyber Essentials Plus
  • IASME Governance & GDPR

The pathway to achieving one of the three levels of Cyber Security can be taken as a stand-alone service (Cyber Essentials Accreditation as a Service), or as part of the {SD:UK} vendor vetting packages to join our professional network.


It is estimated that Damages resulting from cybercrime will cost the global economy more than $6 trillion by the end of 2021, and recent PWC survey of 3000 businesses from 80 countries indicated that at least half companies are ill equipped to handle cyber-attacks.

The UK Government is pushing industry to ensure they are not vulnerable to attack, and is leading the way with Cyber Essentials Accreditation and initiatives including the recent 25 billion GBP cyber security boost for the Armed Services.

According to recent studies, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, government, and financial service are the five topmost industries targeted by cybercriminals. However, any organisation can be targeted and we offer a number of options to reflect this.

Key Benefits to Cyber Essentials Accreditation

  • Helps you to guard your organisation against cyber-attack
  • Demonstrates your commitment to cyber security
  • Gives confidence to existing and potential customers that their data and IP is safe
  • Gives you a clear picture of your organisation’s cyber security level
  • Government contracts require Cyber Essentials accreditation

A data breach can destroy the reputation of any business.  Protecting your company against the threat of cyber attack is paramount for customer confidence.

{FREE SD:UK Cyber Security Scan}

Our comprehensive offering starts with a free, no obligations, SD:UK Vulnerability Test.

This report will highlight any potential weakness in your cyber security posture and will be provided within 24 hours. Our scheduled follow up call will run through the results to address any identified issues and answer your questions.

{How Does SD:UK Protect YOUR data?}

We can use cyber essentials to help define your security posture by providing a comprehensive risk assessment and then suggest AND help you implement the 5 technical controls what will help you significantly reduce your cyber risk! In this way, your risk is reduced and your most precious asset protected. We apply five controls to ensure your business is cyber secure:

Use a firewall to secure your internet connection

secure configuration

Control who has access to your data and services

Protect yourself from viruses and other malware

Keep your devices and sotware up to date

{SD:UK Digital Security and Privacy Services}

If you have taken our offer of a free {SD:UK} Vulnerability Scan we will have a high-level understanding of your company, and we will have provided our initial recommendations on areas of improvement moving forward. In order to take further steps to becoming.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a simple but effective Government backed scheme that will help you to protect your organisation, whatever its size, against a whole range of the most common cyber-attacks. . .

Our SD:UK self-assessment option gives you protection against a wide variety of the most common cyber-attacks. This is important because vulnerability to simple attacks can mark you out as target for more in-depth unwanted attention from cyber criminals and others.

Certification gives you peace of mind that your defences will protect against most common cyber-attacks simply because these attacks are looking for targets which do not have the Cyber Essentials technical controls in place.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials PLUS (CE+) includes the same requirements as the standard Cyber Essentials assessment, but also requires organisations to undertake a series of onsite technical assessments. . .

The same questionnaire from Cyber Essentials ‘basic’ is used, but the answers are verified through a series of internal vulnerability tests against servers and sample workstations. The on-site assessment generally takes a minimum of two days (depending on the size of the scope), with a further day required for reporting and certificate generation.

Since Cyber Essentials PLUS mandates a technical assessment, in addition to the questionnaire and external scan, it is considered a more extensive assessment, and therefore provides greater confidence that an organisation is better protecting its information assets.

IASME Governance & GDPR

The IASME Governance standard was developed over several years during a government funded project to create a cyber security standard which would be an affordable and achievable alternative to the international standard, ISO27001 . . .

The associated certification allows small companies to demonstrate their level of cyber security for a realistic cost and indicates that they are taking good steps to properly protect their customers information.

The IASME Governance assessment includes a Cyber Essentials assessment and GDPR requirements and is available either as a self-assessment or on-site audit.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure Penetration Testing is a methodology that involves evaluating the security of an organisations systems and/or network to ensure they are designed, configured, and managed in a manner that protects your critical assets against a malicious attack . . .

Vulnerabilities need to be understood, prioritised and address to ensure adequate protection against a data breach and subsequent negative impact that this can have on any organisation.

We use industry leading tools and techniques to security test your infrastructure and provide a comprehensive report that details how a malicious attack could be conducted and how to remediate before the bad guys get the opportunity.

This testing can be conducted on or off a customer premises dependant on requirements.  

Application Penetration Testing

Web Applications have become critical to organisations across the world, enabling business to reach out to the global consumer and operate internationally with ease.  Furthermore, web application are the public face of a company and sometimes the first point of contact a customer can have with the organisation . . .

It is therefore essential that these applications are adequately tested against malicious actors, whether that is to assure the protection of personal and/or sensitive data or ensuring your website(s) remain up and running.

There are many areas and techniques used as part of conducting an Application Penetration test, such as passive information gathering, session management, configuration reviews, authentication mechanisms and data validation controls.

Mobile Security Penetration Testing

Smart phones are increasingly becoming an enabler for organisations to operate effectively within every location.  Mobiles now need to be considered as a key access point to an organisations environment as hackers are also shifting their attention to mobiles . . .

If a mobile application plays a significant part in your organisation’s strategy, then our Mobile Application Security Test is a necessity.

We do not just leave you worry about what we have identified, instead we provide you with the best remediation advice and can oversee that process to ensure your organisation has the right level of assurance that its key mobile applications are operating securely.

Wireless Security Penetration Testing

Wireless security under the 802.11 standard is inherently insecure.  We can help your organisation assess the security posture of your Wireless infrastructure and supporting procedures . . .

We will conduct testing, identify security issues, and assess the reliability of your wireless network infrastructure.

This testing is primarily conducted on client premises and can be performed at any time to suite client requirements.  At the end of the testing, you will also receive detailed remediation guidance, providing you with a roadmap to improving your wireless security.

Social Engineering Testing

Social Engineering is one of the most overlooked form of security testing in organisations to date. We use the Social Engineering Framework to test an organisation’s security policies and procedures to see if they are widely understood across the organisation and more importantly are being adhered to . . .

We can work with you to develop a covert project activity that will test your organisation and employees.  Often employees can think they are being helpful and disclose sensitive information or automatically assume a level of trust when dealing with people by telephone and/or email.  Through a range of tests, we can identify operational weakness and help you improve your organisational practices.

Red Team Assessments

A Red Team Exercise is an all-out attempt to gain access to a system by any means necessary, and usually includes cyber penetration testing, physical breach, testing all phone lines for modem access, testing all wireless for potential access, and testing employees through several scripted social engineering and phishing tests . . .

These are real life exercises carried out by an elite small team of trained professionals that are hired to test the physical, cyber security, and social defences of system.

Since all it takes is the weakest link for a security breach to occur, it is important to test all facets of a security program to determine where the breaking points exist. For this reason, we advocate using a Red Team Exercise to mimic the same process that a motivated attacker would follow to map out an organisation’s infrastructure, perform reconnaissance at key physical installations, and then test the physical, cyber, and social defences all at once through a staged exercise.

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{Frequently Asked Questions}

Provided below is an FAQ to help you understand our services in more detail. If your question is not covered please feel free to contact us.

All new certificates issued by IASME will be valid for one year.

The cost of Cyber Essentials (verified self-assessment) is £300 +VAT.

The cost of a Cyber Essentials Plus assessment will depend on the size and complexity of your network. Please contact us with any questions, and we will provide advice and guidance.

Yes, organisations abroad can get certificates.

No, you can go for Cyber Essentials Plus without obtaining the first level of Cyber Essentials. Your Certification Body will work with you to complete the Cyber Essentials questionnaire and verify compliance as part the process of achieving Cyber Essentials Plus.

A board member from the organisation signs a declaration to confirm that the assessment answers are true. A qualified assessor who works for a Certification Body then evaluates the responses.

If you pass you receive a certificate.

If you fail, you will receive feedback so you know which areas need to be addressed should you either want to re-apply for Cyber Essentials certification or take the opportunity to improve your cyber security. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

It could take anywhere between 1 week and 3 months, depending on the maturity of the business, we will endeavour to help you and make that process as easy as possible.

Some Government contracts may require one to be Cyber Essentials certified or to be able to demonstrate that you have the technical controls are in place. In the first instance, please confirm with the Government department what their expectations are in relation to Cyber Essentials. Requirements and exemptions may vary between department, so it is important that you are able to gain clarification for each contract in advance.

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