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{Software Outsourcing Bristol}

Your digital transformation should increase efficiency, not hinder it. Software Development UK can help devise and implement new software that is bespoke to your company, ensuring minimal disruption time and far greater efficiency, control, and focus in the long run.

We help companies, from start-ups to major enterprises, across the UK to get connected to industry 4.0.

For Bristol-based firms, we can link you up with professionals that can help you with web designing, search engine optimization, e-commerce development, digital marketing, blockchain technologies, and many more processes that will ensure your digitisation is a success.

{Highly Experienced Software Developers}

We are specialists at building bespoke software solutions for web, mobile, cloud and desktop platforms. We have hands-on experience building IT solutions for industries including; financial, energy, legal pharmaceutical, entertainment and hospitality. We are adept at delivering the following forms of software solution:

  • Website Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Desktop Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Distributed & Decentralised Systems
  • Blockchain Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Enterprise Web Portals
  • Data Analytics
  • 2D & 3D Visualisation

{Partner With The Right Software Development Team In Bristol}

The {SD:UK} team has significant experience delivering projects for start-ups, SMEs and multinational organisations. Our clients benefit from our vast in-house expertise and that of our certified IT partner network that combined, form a formidable team to empower your business.

The board of {SD:UK} comprises decades of experience in software development, cybersecurity, digital transformation, SEO, sales and marketing in industries including oil, gas & energy, retail, maritime, telecoms and government. With our unique approach, we ensure that your project is delivered quicker, more efficiently and to the highest standards.

We are passionate about helping customers build innovative digital products, prepare for a digital future, improve their cybersecurity posture and increase revenue through a combination of SEO, digital marketing and outsourced business development. But we can help in other areas too! We can assist with MVP development, rapid prototyping, project hand-over, firefighting response and support & maintenance.

Furthermore, we have created a certified network of highly-experienced IT suppliers. Our technology partners enable us to create hybrid teams that provide the necessary hands-on industry experience to deliver projects to the highest quality.

From the outset SD:UK has been beyond helpful, all projects they have worked on have been completed in a timely fashion. I would definitely recommend SD:UK for any projects you need help with.

Nicky Ayers

CCTV Logbook

{Do You Need Expert Guidance?}

We provide fully managed end-to-end solutions for start-ups and companies needing.

Take advantage of our unique {SD:UK} CTO as a Service solution. Our experts help you to formally capture requirements, create a system specification.

{Services We Offer For Bristol-based Businesses}

For Bristol-based industries, we can offer three different services:

Fully Managed

By selecting our Fully Managed service, you allow us to take full control of your software development project, as we take on a CTO (chief technological officer) as a service role. We are experts at formulating highly-efficient teams to implement your IT solution.

Firstly, we will examine your business and IT requirements in order to determine the specifications of your software development project. Then, we devise a scalable, robust, and cyber-secure system architecture. Finally, we assemble the optimal team using our in-house software development experts coupled with that of our technology partners. The result is a highly efficient team capable of delivering quality solutions every time.

The benefits of our Fully Managed service include:

  • It helps to define your business vision.
  • The project is fully managed by a team of IT experts, which takes the pressure off you.
  • Ensures successful implementation of the software.

Fast Track

Our Fast Track service provides expert guidance and is recommended for those who are unsure exactly what type of software development they require.

Our experts can examine both your business vision and system requirements in order to formulate the specifications of your software project. They can determine this in a timely manner to help get your project moving at a quicker pace.

When undergoing a digital transformation, diligent planning is required in order to foresee and avoid all potential pitfalls. Software solutions need to be both technically viable and well defined. By using our Fast Track service, your software development project can be planned accordingly to ensure that all potential risks are avoided!

The benefits of our Fast Track service include:

  • It helps to define your business vision.
  • It helps you fully grasp the specific requirements of your digital transformation.
  • Reduce the risks associated with the project.

B2B Connect

If you’re unsure of how to start your software development project, you can use our free B2B Connect service to get things moving.

By simply submitting an application detailing your software requirements and responding to a few questions on a no-obligation call, our B2B Connect service will link you with the top 5 SD: UK-approved software development providers best suited for your needs. From this list, you can then select the quote that you would most like to use.

The benefits of our B2B Connect service include:

  • You save time and money by allowing SD:UK to assess and determine the best software development providers for the job.
  • There are no costs of using our B2B service.
  • You can reduce the risk of hiring a software development provider that is unsuitable for your project.

{Why Use Us For Bristol Software Solutions?}

You should use us to create custom software for your Bristol-based business in order to reduce costs, remove risks, and form a successful partnership with a software development expert. We provide:

Highly Experienced Software Developers

Our core business is developing software. We have worked in many industry sectors, and with clients varying in size from entrepreneurs to large multi-nationals. Hence, we have the necessary industry experience to deliver projects of all sizes. Utilising our experience reduces risk and helps ensure projects are delivered on-time and on-budget.

Vetted software vendors

We only invite the very best technology partners to collaborate with us on projects we undertake on behalf of our clients. Each of our partners have been extensively vetted to ensure that they can consistently deliver results in a timely fashion and to the level of quality we expect.

Consistent customer support

We support you throughout the software development process and can determine the right software solutions you need. By identifying the specific software development your company requires, the process can be shaped to meet your needs exactly.

We ensure best practices are maintained

We oversee the progress of the project to make sure that it’s moving in the right direction. We are confident that everyone included in our professional network will maintain best practices and go above and beyond to ensure the success of the software development project. However, if you feel their performance is lacking, you can report them to us, and we’ll investigate.

{Accelerate Your Project}

Let us help you capture the system requirements to deliver your business vision.

Reduce project risk and receive accurate quotes from IT suppliers.

{Our process}

Submit a project request

When submitting a proposal to us, the more information you can disclose, the better. Detail exactly what software support you need, whether it be mobile app development or web design, and any existing framework that you currently use. You should also detail your project vision.

Once submitted, your project request will be reviewed by one of our in-house experts. After reviewing, we’ll reach out to you through a phone call, either to request more information or expand on certain aspects of your proposal.

Assemble The Optimal Team

With the information gathered from the project brief and follow-up phone call, we’ll create a specification document. The document will be reviewed by our in-house IT team to determine resourcing requirements. If applicable we will reach out to our technology partners and invite them to collaborate on the project. With the team formulated, we proceed to analyse the requirements and create time/cost estimations.

Receive Project Quote & Authorisation

We will create a proposal document that details the time, materials and costs for delivering your project. The proposal is delivered to you for review. A follow-up call is scheduled whereby questions can be asked and options discussed. With your authorisation the projects commences, allowing the development team to begin implementation.

Project Management & Delivery

SD:UK will manage all technical aspects of the project, therefore ensuring stakeholders can focus on building their business. We will provide regular project status updates and product demonstrations, ensuring stakeholders to provide guidance during the implementation process. Finally, when the software is fully implemented, we look to provide on-going support and maintain activities.

{Keep Informed}

Our Best Software Tips Delivered

The {SD:UK} newsletter keeps you informed about news, information and current trends within the software development industry.

Our newsletter also covers articles focused on:

  • Software development best practices
  • Reducing software development costs
  • Improving team productivity
  • Reducing project risks

and much more…

{Frequently Asked Questions}

Provided below is an FAQ to help you understand our Cyber Security services in more detail. If your question is not covered please feel free to contact us.

All new certificates issued by IASME will be valid for one year.

The cost of Cyber Essentials (verified self-assessment) is £300 +VAT.

The cost of a Cyber Essentials Plus assessment will depend on the size and complexity of your network. Please contact us with any questions, and we will provide advice and guidance.

Yes, organisations abroad can get certificates.

No, you can go for Cyber Essentials Plus without obtaining the first level of Cyber Essentials. Your Certification Body will work with you to complete the Cyber Essentials questionnaire and verify compliance as part the process of achieving Cyber Essentials Plus.

A board member from the organisation signs a declaration to confirm that the assessment answers are true. A qualified assessor who works for a Certification Body then evaluates the responses.

If you pass you receive a certificate.

If you fail, you will receive feedback so you know which areas need to be addressed should you either want to re-apply for Cyber Essentials certification or take the opportunity to improve your cyber security. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

It could take anywhere between 1 week and 3 months, depending on the maturity of the business, we will endeavour to help you and make that process as easy as possible.

Some Government contracts may require one to be Cyber Essentials certified or to be able to demonstrate that you have the technical controls are in place. In the first instance, please confirm with the Government department what their expectations are in relation to Cyber Essentials. Requirements and exemptions may vary between department, so it is important that you are able to gain clarification for each contract in advance.